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2022 – 23 Membership

  • Joseph Mac Eoin (6ú bliain)

  • Roan Zechner (6ú bliain)

  • Aidan Mac Neachtáin (5ú bliain)

  • Elsa Ní Mhuirí (5ú bliain)

  • Simon Ó Cléirigh (4ú bliain)

  • Gráinne Nic Cába (4ú bliain)

  • Leo Ó Comhaltain (3ú bliain)

  • Ella Ní Thréinfhir (3ú bliain)

  • Somhairle Mag Uidhir (2ú bliain)

  • Fiachra Ó Donnghaile (2ú bliain)

  • Daithí Mac Cormaic (1ú bhliain)

  • Zoe Nic Dhónaill (1ú bhliain)


  • The term of office of the council will be one school year.
  • An election in held every May.
  • The student council consists of two elected representatives of each year group form 2nd – 6th year.
  • A student council Liaison Teacher will oversee and support the work of the council.
  • The Principal has the discretion to co-opt a student, or students on to the council.


The role of the student council is to represent students’ views to management, to be consulted prior to the implementation of relevant new policies, to contribute, where appropriate, to the developing of policy in the school, to improve the school atmosphere, conditions and facilities and to generate good relations between students, staff and management.

Election Procedure

There will be a separate ballot for each year group.
Each interested student must fill in a nomination paper and be proposed by two of their year group.
Objections by Principal may invalidate a student’s proposed candidacy.
A list of candidates will be published.
Students will vote by secret ballot for two of the nominated students from the year group.
Students will place a tick beside the names of two candidates.
Staff members will count the votes.
The two students from each year group who receive the highest number of votes and who are approved by staff will be deemed elected.
If a member leaves the council or is dismissed from the council, the candidate with the next highest number of votes will replace him.

Liaison Teacher

Attends meetings
Acts as a link between the staff and student council
Has a voice but not a vote
Is a source of information
Provides advice and support to the council
Liaison teacher can select substitute teacher for replacement


All council members are expected to attend all meetings.
Meetings will be held at lunchtime.
Meetings to take place at least monthly
At least six members to be present at a meeting as a quorum and for voting purposes
Council members vote to elect a Chairperson, a Secretary, Treasurer and a Communications Officer
An agenda is set in advance and is adhered to
All members and liaison teacher are to receive notice of meeting and a copy of the agenda at least three days before meeting.
Attendance record is kept and minutes are taken.
All contributions to the meeting must be through the Chairperson.
All council members get an equal say.
Decisions are taken on a majority vote.
When making a decision, any member of the council may call for a vote to be held and, where the votes are dividedly evenly, the Chairperson will have the casting vote.
All problems discussed at meetings must be treated with discretion, respect and confidentiality.
A teacher must be present for a formal meeting to take place.


The Student Council treasurer will keep an up to date and accurate account of any money raised by the Council.
He will provide a financial report to the council the last meeting of the year.


Any uncomplimentary mention of staff, management or pupil by name or implication
Individual grievances between pupil and teacher
Ongoing disciplinary matters involving a student or group of students

Code of Conduct

Attend meetings
To be actively involved in student council activities
To set a good example for others
To represent the year group
To support decisions made by the student council
To maintain good relations with staff members
Upon election, council members sign a contract in which they agree to attend meetings, represent their year group, support their fellow-council members and abide by the school rules.

Reasons for removal of student council members

Non-attendance at three meetings without a valid reason
Regular non-involvement in student council activities
Breach of council’s code of conduct
If a student leaves the school
If a student is expelled
The member must be given at least one week’s notice of the proposal.
The member must be allowed to address the council in his/her defence
The member may submit an appeal to the council
The Principal will be the final arbitrator in relation to the dismissal of a member from the council.

Changes to the Constitution

Teaching staff may submit proposals in relation to changes in the council’s Constitution to the Board of Management after those proposals have already been discussed and agreed by the teaching staff at a staff meeting. The Board of Management will make the final decision. This will not be undertaken nor an attempt to change the constitution more often than once every two years.

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