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Education is a partnership between pupils, parents or guardians, the school staff and the general public. Coláiste Oiriall understands that every pupil is an independent person who is still developing (i.e. personally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, sexually, socially and academically) in order to take part in life for his or her own good, the good of the family and the school and for the public good. The parents or guardians are the primary educators but Coláiste Oiriall has a secondary role in this work and this is why we have a Health Education programme. The syllabus comprises the following:

The Junior Cycle

  • Transfer from primary school
  • Relationship skills
  • Study skills
  • Health and hygiene skills
  • Development of self confidence and self respect
  • Human relationships
  • Physical and sexual growth and development
  • Use and misuse of substances

The Senior Cycle

  • Reproduction, human sexual intercourse
  • Family planning and pregnancy
  • The role of parents
  • Sexually transmitted diseases
  • Loving relationships and marriage
  • Sexual orientation
  • Gender roles
  • Sexual harassment
  • Attack and rape
  • Abuse or misuse

Transfer from Primary School

Year One

Differences between primary school and post-primary school, teachers, number of pupils, distance from home, new subjects, the school code of conduct, new people, new class-group, new friends, separation from old friends, new teachers, new skills, wide range of subjects, different styles of teaching, different teaching methodologies, timetable, homework.

Relationship Skills

Year One

Whole-group task – experiencing cooperation, how to from a group – chairperson, secretary, listening – the importance of listening

Year 2

What contributes to good relationships, creating atmosphere, listening games, body language, myself – information and appropriate language

Year 3

Leadership, saying ‘No’, relationship skills

Safety Education

Year One

Safety at school, dangerous places – the Laboratory and the Kitchen, preventing accidents, everybody is responsible
On the roads, travelling to school – modes of transport, rules of the road, personal safety – on your own – dangerous places etc.
Fire drill, rules – roll-call, regular fire drill
Safety at home, dangerous places, prevention of accidents, First Aid
Safety in the water, rules of swimming, flags

Study Skills

Year One

Why? memory games, the diary, homework, organising books/gear
Organisation, a place in which to study – heat, light, quiet, devising a personal timetable, general study, revision, extra work, examinations, time management, structuring answers

Year Two

Skills, reading, examples, doing questions, learning off by heart, notes, summarising, mnemonics, sitting examinations, returned homework, learning from your mistakes, problems, asking the teacher questions, asking for additional work.

Year Three

Junior Certificate Examination, preparation, study, time management

Skills in Hygiene and Cleanliness

Year One

Nutrition, nutrients and (their) functions, a balanced diet and balanced diet, unhealthy food,
Personal hygiene, skin – bathing, showering/ body odour, hair – washing, lice, dandruff, teeth – cleaning/decay/food
Exercise, relaxation, pastimes – facilities, sports equipment – correct clothing, running around v television

Year Two

Nutrition, counting calories, special needs, ill health – anaemia, anorexia, bulimia, weight loss, weight gain, hygiene, germs on the skin, on the hands, germs in food, in cooking, exercise, relaxation, weight loss, number of calories you lose during various activities, First Aid.

Year Three

Hygiene – viruses and how they are spread, relaxation, how to deal with the stress of examinations, First Aid

Self Confidence and Self Respect

Year One

Self image; Sam’s story, praising people; self confidence; boasting

Year Two

Self confidence; the skills that we have – talents; responsibility; looking down on people

Year Three

Talking about myself: I can; friendship; roles, positive outlook

Interpersonal Relationships

Year One

Establishing friendships; my family; other people; teasing and rudeness – how to deal with it; leaving people out; people fighting – physically, arguing

Year Two
What is a friend? , making friends, me as a friend, problems with friends, keeping rules, me in somebody else’s shoes, co-operation

Year Three

Things which are important to you, relationships and communication, problems

Physical and Sexual Growth and Development

Year One

Growing and changing physically, boys and girls – early and late development, maturity, emotions/skin/hormones/ monthly periods, the reproduction system, pregnancy and development of the foetus.

Year Two

Correct judgement, peer pressure, controlling emotions and taking responsibility, spiritual values, childbirth

Year Three

Saying ‘No’, outcomes, the ABC of pregnancy, STD

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