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  • Homework reinforces the work done in class.
  • It develops skills learned by the student in class
  • It enhances the student’s self-esteem.
  • It develops organisational and self-discipline skills.
  • It helps teachers to continually assess students’ work.
  • It develops skills in research and independent learning.
  • It prepares students for state examinations.
  • It helps students to get good marks in exams.

Role of Parents

  • That parents will understand that they have very great influence on their children’s progress in school.
  • It is expected that parents will give their full support to this Homework policy.
  • That they will provide a suitable environment that will enable the child to do the homework.
  • Parents are asked to make sure that the homework is done and that they check and sign the student’s diary every week.

Role of Students

  • The student must complete the homework satisfactorily.
  • Every student should adhere to the length of time stipulated for the homework/study.
  • Every student should have a copy of his/her timetable at the back of the school diary and have a clearly visible copy inside the locker.
  • The student must fill in the date at the top of the page in the diary and list underneath all the subjects he/she has on that day.
  • The student must write the homework beside where the subject is named.
  • When the student does not have “written homework” this does not mean that he/she has no homework. Every student must revise the work done in class.
  • Each student must let the teacher know on the day if he/she thinks there will be a difficulty with the homework.
  • Homework in a particular subject may sometimes not be required on the following day. Students are advised to do the homework on the day that it is set.
  • If a student is absent from class because of a school activity it is recommended that the student seek the homework from class friends and complete it in the usual way.
  • Homework is to be done only in A4 copies. No other copy will be accepted. These copies will be on sale in school. Homework on loose pages will not be accepted. The student may also have a hard-backed notebook at the teacher’s suggestion.

Role of Teachers

It is recognised that each teacher has a different work method. When the teacher sets written/learning homework he/she should:

  • Make sure during class that each student is clear about the homework.
  • Ensure that all the homework is written in the diary during class.
  • Homework taking more than 25 minutes (at Junior level) or 45 minutes (at Senior level) should be set over two days.
  • Suitable notice should be given to students for a class tests to afford them the opportunity to revise.
  • Teachers will give students a revision scheme as they approach internal and state examinations and written homework will be curtailed.
  • The teacher will ensure that the homework is done and suitably presented and completed by the student.
  • The teacher will ask the students to revise the class material and to note this in the diary on the exceptional occasions when written homework is not set.
  • Teachers standing in for absent colleagues shall not allow students to do homework on these occasions. They will set written work from the textbook for the subject in question. (if their teacher has not left specific work for the class).

Other matters

  • The suggested times to spend on homework and study per night are as follows: 1st years = 1.5 hours; 2nd years = 2 hours; 3rd years = 2.5 hours; 4th years = 1.5 hours; 5th year = 3 hours; 6th year = 3.5 hours.
  • Teachers will be understanding with 1st Year students during first term of the school year as secondary school is a significant change for them in relation to number of subjects, number of teachers, number of books, length of the day, new subjects, approach to homework.
  • Teachers will insist that students write all homework in the diary immediately, be it reading, learning or written work.
  • Setting homework will not be left until the end of class but rather incorporated into the main body of the lesson and will be written it on the school diary immediately.
  • All homework must be written on the board in order to clarify it for students.
  • All homework will be corrected, perhaps as part of the class or perhaps following the collection of copybooks from time to time.
  • Study seminars are arranged to help the pupils with study skills

The approach to be taken if homework is not done.

If a student claims that a copybook is lost or left at home, or if for any reason homework is not presented to the teacher and there is no written note of explanation from a parent, it will be deemed that the homework has not being done. Each teacher will take certain steps, at the beginning of the school year, to explain to students what happens if homework is not completed. The following steps will be taken:

  • Ask why the homework hasn’t been done.
  • Keeping a note in the teacher’s diary.
  • Taking no action in exceptional cases.
  • Inform parents by writing a note in the student’s diary.
  • Ask the students to do the work the following night along with additional work.
  • Speak to the students outside of class if the problem is ongoing and to detain him/her at lunchtime having given 24 hours notice to him/her.
  • Speak to the Junior Head/Senior Head if the above haven’t worked.
  • Invite a parent to come in and discuss the matter.
  • Punishments, for example Friday evening detention, may be given if homework is not completed.
  • Record the offence in the School Discipline Details’ Database.


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